As an elder in this industry, I have always tried to empower hairdressers to be better, and I feel that Hairstory is something important, something unique. We are reinventing hair products and the way we think about them, reinventing the way we teach and inspiring people to be current and modern – and, by creating a new industry model we are celebrating the independent hairdresser.

– Michael Gordon, President and Founder

If you are a hairdresser interested in joining the Hairstory revolution, here’s how it works.


Hairstory products are sold through independent hairdressers, not distributors, beauty retailers or online discounters. Along with reinventing hair products, we have revolutionized the model for professional hair care, leveraging technology to minimize investment in inventory and honoring the relationship between you and your clients.

With hardly any investment beyond focus and passion, Hairstory enables you to build a thriving retail business that can generate significant profits far into the future. And by introducing Hairstory to other hairdressers you can multiply your earnings many-fold.

Here are the simple details:
Earn 25% commission on sales whether in person or online. For example, earn $10 on every bottle of New Wash your clients buy whether they buy it during a service or online.

Earn 12.5% commission on all products sold by Hairdressers you refer to Hairstory, or $5 on every bottle of New Wash. There is no rule that requires you to refer anyone to Hairstory, but there is also no limit to how many people you can refer, and the earnings multiply quickly.

To help explain our business model, take a few minutes to watch this:

Because our success is tied to your success, we want to help you grow as an entrepreneur, and we invest in helping you professionalize your business. We generate regular content to inspire you both as a hairdresser and as a businessperson.

Hundreds of independent hairdressers have already joined the revolution, and their testimonials offer the best insight into what Hairstory can do for you personally and professionally. Here’s one:

How do I sign up?
First, Click “Continue” on this page. Enter all the information requested, and be sure to tell us who referred you. Then, select one of three opening order kits that include retail, styling station and backbar products. Keep in mind that these products sell quickly, so make sure you plan to have plenty on hand and enroll right away in our In Stock program to ensure regular supply. We will even finance your first In Stock order to help you get started with our Pro Finance program.

Can I try Hairstory products before I sign up?
Yes, you can register to experience New Wash before committing to an opening order. Continue to the next page to receive your complimentary 8-ounce bottle.


New Wash is modern. It’s the new way to wash hair, and the results are amazing. New Wash is allowing people to discover their hair for the first time, probably since childhood; its personality emerges, it surprises, and in many cases people say, “I can’t believe how great my hair looks!”

No matter what type of hair you have or how sensitive your scalp is, SLS has a similar effect across the board. On the other hand, New Wash stops the damage and balances every type of hair. We learned that the fatty alcohols found within essential oils act with the same mechanism as SLS (they have the ability to remove undesired substances, or what we call dirt), but they do so selectively, meaning they can distinguish between the good and the bad, and only do what is necessary to clean. We make one New Wash instead of dozens of shampoos, and we make no conditioners. Our overall mantra: Less is More.

Since hair is transformed after using New Wash we had to really rethink our styling products. We’ve designed all of them to encourage hair to do what it wants to do, not force it. With these three products you can pretty much cover all the bases, and the connection between them is an inherent, effortless glamour and sophistication.

Hair Balm . Its foundation is a moisturizing base, particularly nourishing for dry, highly colored or bleached hair. We like to say it is in our air-dry category; it can be used on any type of hair – fine, coarse, straight, curly, Afro texture – it’s the bomb! Most of the traditional grooming cremes or brilliantines sit on top of the hair shaft and add unnecessary weight, but Hair Balm disappears into hair and actually enhances its natural texture.

Hair Balm is incredibly effective on curls – any type – fine, medium, coarse, tight. It also works beautifully on straight hair, and is very easy to use. Usage is individual; some people use just a touch, and some quite a lot. It really depends on the type of hair.

Dressed Up is a light lotion that distributes through hair invisibly, and it encourages a lot of body yet you can’t feel it. Again, it is not about torturing hair or forcing it; there is no crispy feeling with this product, and if you blow-dry well it looks like you didn’t try too hard, and it leaves just enough texture to pin it up securely. There is an elegance that reminds us of hair in the Sixties when it looked great after three or four days of sleeping on it.

We think that people want to look stylish without a lot of effort, whether they shop at H&M or Celine. It’s about having modern options like Dressed Up that allow you remain in control of your style.

Surf spray was a great invention a long time ago, and it was very popular. And while it was our idea (a great one if we may say so) the product itself was very drying and left hair crunchy – not really how we want hair to look or feel anymore. Instead, we’re taking a more modern approach to disheveled texture. Undressed looks undone, yet beautiful and interesting.

Undressed has a much more refined effect than its predecessor; whatever look you are after (hippie, mermaid, chic, elegant) you can achieve it, effortlessly.

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